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Frizinghall Primary School

Welcome to Year 6

Mrs Young teaches 6 Chestnut

I have been teaching at Frizinghall Primary since 2006. I grew up in Leeds, but I now live in Bradford with my husband and my three cats (Lilly-Belle, Marie, and Walter). I have three children (Briony, Emily and Ciarán) and a grandchild (called Joseph) but they no longer live with me.

When I am not teaching, I love to knit, sew (you may see me wearing skirts I have made), bake, and read books – I am currently reading a set of Disney villain stories. Oh, did I mention – I love all things Disney!


Mr Flynn teaches 6 Birch. 

I have been teaching at Frizinghall Primary for around five years! Unlike most of you, I do not live in Bradford. Every morning, I commute in from Leeds - where I grew up.

Outside of school, my favourite things are making music and then going out on the road and performing it. My band and I tour all around the UK. We always have such a great time and have many funny stories that I would love to share with you.


Year 6 Long Term Plan


Year 6 Themes

Modern Monarchy

Destination Dilemna

Game Designer