Frizinghall Primary School

Frizinghall Primary School

Welcome to Year 5 

Mr Palmer and Mrs Membe teach 5 Cherry.

I have lived in England now for 13 years and have been teaching here at Frizinghall Primary for 12 years. I grew up in Florida and often talk about what it is like there. My favourite subjects are maths and science.

I love sports! Growing up in Florida made it easy to play sports all year round, whether it was American football, wrestling, judo, tennis, surfing or swimming.

Mr Palmer


Mrs Membe joined Frizinghall Primary School in November.

I have been teaching for nine years and spent two of these teaching in Malawi. The school in Malawi had its own farm - with a camel! My favourite subjects are English, geography and art.

Mrs Membe


Mr Flynn teaches 5 Sycamore.

I have been teaching at Frizinghall Primary, in year 5, for around three years! Unlike most of you, I do not live in Bradford. Every morning, I commute in from Leeds - where I grew up.

Outside of school, my favourite things are making music and then going out on the road and performing it. My band and I tour all around the UK. We always have such a great time and have many funny stories that I would love to share with you.


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