Frizinghall Primary School

Frizinghall Primary School

Year 5 Autumn Term Theme 1


Dear Parents/Carers


Our first theme of the year is called ‘Anglo Saxon and Viking Invasion’. During this theme, we will be focusing on history, geography and music.

In English, we will be looking at narratives, the story of Beowulf, and poetry from a Poison Tree.

We will begin the theme with geography work, looking at the countries and major cities of Europe in the present time, developing our skills in using maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate the countries and cities.  We will then compare  these maps to maps of Europe during the time of Anglo Saxon and Viking invasion.

In history, we will study Anglo-Saxon invasion, settlements and kingdoms. We will look at when, where and why the Anglo-Saxons invaded the UK and what the settlements they built looked like. We will develop the historical skills of chronology, answering questions about change, cause, similarity and difference, and significance and responding to these questions using different sources. We will then move on to Viking invasion, looking at how this was similar and different to the Anglo-Saxon invasions and how weapons changed over time.

Throughout the theme, we will be listening to different music of the era and using the BBC KS2 Music: Viking Saga Songs. Viking Saga Songs is an opportunity for children to join in with songs, stories and music-making inspired by the gods and goddesses of Viking mythology. The songs explore the atmosphere and excitement of the Viking world while being rooted in familiar modern styles, such as reggae, rock and lyrical ballads.

In oracy lessons and dialogic talk sessions, we will be articulating and justify our answers, arguments and opinions, e.g. thinking about what makes a good hero and villain. We will be giving well-structured descriptions, explanations and narratives for different purposes, including for expressing feelings. This will link to both our English work on characterisation and our geography work, describing the location of countries and cities.

Part of the theme will involve us taking part in an ‘Archery Experience’ and from our activity passport we will be playing an Anglo-Saxon game called knucklebones and making our own armour.

In RE, we will be asking, ‘Why are there different beliefs about God?’ and in PHSE, we will be thinking about caring for the environment. In PE on Monday, the girls will be starting their swimming lessons and the boys will be taking part in team and competitive games. In computing, we will begin our new safeguarding scheme of work called ‘Be Internet Legends’ and looking at information literacy. Finally, in French we will be learning French linked to ourselves in the theme C’est Moi!

Helping at home:

As well as ensuring that your child completes their weekly homework, you could:

  • Sing songs from the KS2 Music: Viking Saga Songs. The link for the site is:
  • Research Anglo-Saxons and Vikings on the internet. A list of useful sites can be found below and at the library.
  • Access TT Rocks and Purple Mash at home.
  • Go on a family day out to York and visit the Jorvik Viking Centre.
  • Play alphabet chain. Take turns in saying adjectives (describing words) following the sequence of the alphabet. For example, amazing, blue, cool, dirty… See how far you can get!
  • Play I went to market using expanded noun phrases. For example, I went to market and bought 6 rosy red apples, I went to market and bought 6 rosy red apples and a bag of green grapes…




If you having any questions or would like to help, please call in to see us.

Miss Wetherall, Mr Palmer and Mr Parsons