Frizinghall Primary School

Frizinghall Primary School

Year 3 Autumn Term 1 Theme


Dear Parents/Carers

We will start our academic year with our first historical topic theme which is called ‘The Ancient Greek Legacy’. In this topic we will focus on history, geography and art.

In English, we will be reading and writing Greek myths and we will use drama to help understand characters and settings.

We will then move into geography where we will be locating countries using maps and atlases with a focus on Greece and Europe.

In history, we will be exploring Greek life and their achievements. We will also look at their influence on the western world using knowledge of democracy and the origin of the Greek Olympics through historical enquiry. Children will use historical timelines to develop knowledge and understanding of world history with a focus on ancient Greece.

Music will be explored during this topic as children will have an opportunity to appreciate music from the historical era we will be exploring; children will be using online resources to listen and compose a variety of Greek myths and music.

In oracy and dialogic talk sessions, we will be using the language of explanation to consider and evaluate different viewpoints. We will be giving well-structured descriptions, explanations and narratives for different purposes. We will use our talk rules during our discussions.

For DT, children will experience making Greek pottery and taking part in a Greek banquet as well as playing competitive Olympic games. lessons, children will be using their sketching skills to create Greek art such as the intricate drawings shown on ancient Greek pots likes the Hydra and the Amphora.

In PHSE, we will be exploring the rights of people. They will learn that people have different rights and responsibilities.

In R.E, we will be learning about how and what different people believe about God.

In computing, they will be leaning about e-safety; they will be exploring the ways children can be safe on-line. They will also be using information literacy to understand how reliable on-line search is.

Finally, in French, they will practise their vocabulary in words and phrases related to C’est Moi (it’s me!).


Helping at home:

As well as ensuring that your child completes their weekly homework, you could: