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Frizinghall Primary School

Welcome to Year 2


Miss Darr teaches 2 Chestnut.

I have been teaching at Frizinghall Primary for over 20 years.

I have a son called Rafee and he goes to upper school. I am an aunty 11 times! The photograph is of me and my niece called Faathimah.

At home, I enjoy gardening and reading. I love to watch the wildlife in my garden, such as rabbits, deer and many birds.


Mrs Ritz teaches 2 Birch.

I have been teaching at Frizinghall Primary for many years now and I have taught in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and now Year 2. I live with my sons, Henry and Jack and my husband, Ben. I am sure I will be telling you lots about them and all the fun things we do together! I love going walking and cycling with my family.


Year 2 Long Term Plan


Year 2 Themes 

 The Great Fire of London

The Animal Kingdom

What do we do in winter?