Frizinghall Primary School

Frizinghall Primary School

Year 2 Autumn Term 1 Theme


Dear Parents/Carers

Our first theme of the year is called ‘Explorers’. During this theme, we will be focusing on history, geography, art and science.

In English, we will be looking at the journey story of Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram and non-fiction texts about the explorers Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus.

In Maths, we will be focusing on place value of two digit numbers. Then we will be learning various methods for addition and subtraction of two digit numbers.

We will begin the theme by finding out what an explorer is and then focusing on the lives and journeys of Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus.  We will ask and answer questions and use a variety of sources to learn about these historical explorers.  We will use maps, atlases and globes to identify the United Kingdom and its’ countries. We will also use these to identify the countries, continents and oceans of the world.  In addition, we will learn the four compass points and use locational and directional language to describe the route of Christopher Columbus’s journey.  Finally, we will identify the similarities and differences between these explorers.

In science we will identify and name a variety of everyday materials. We will be carrying out investigations to find out the suitability of these materials based upon their properties.  We will ask simple questions and use simple equipment to test and observe which material Christopher Columbus could choose to build a waterproof boat.

During art lessons, we will be looking at The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. We will paint our own versions to develop techniques in using colour, pattern, texture and line.  We will also look at the story of Katy and The Starry Night.

In oracy lessons and dialogic talk sessions, we will be playing memory games, re-stablishing the talk rules and asking relevant questions to extend their understanding and knowledge.  The oracy lessons will link to our themes about explorers and materials. 

In RE, we will be answering the question ‘Can you tell what somebody believes by what they look like?’ In PE, we will be mastering basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching. In computing the children will be focusing on the information literacy strand, which involves them searching for information, using child friendly search engines, on our theme Explorers. The E-Safeguarding strand will run throughout the year. In PSHE, the pupils will be thinking about living in the wider world and establishing what an ideal classroom is.

Part of the theme will involve us exploring Baildon Moor and from our activity passport we will be going on a scavenger hunt, walking alongside a canal and use measuring equipment.

Helping at home:

As well as ensuring that your child completes their weekly homework, you could:

  • Research materials and different explorers, especially Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus on the internet.
  • Research explorers and materials at the library.
  • Access Purple Mash at home.
  • Go on a family day out to The Science and Media Museum in Bradford to explore the exhibition ‘Hello Universe’.
  • Play Hit the Button ( on the internet to practice number bonds
  • Play on to practice phonics.


Look up Katy and the Starry Night on YouTube