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Frizinghall Primary School

Welcome to Year 1


Mr Ruddock teaches 1 Chestnut. 

Frizinghall Primary School is a great place to work. Children here are so polite, kind and helpful. This year, I am a year 1 teacher but I am also the Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion. This means that I get to work with children all across the school. 

It probably won’t take you long to realise that my favourite colour is orange. I will let you see how many orange items you can count of mine. English and art are my favourite subjects, I always love being creative! I am by no means an artist but I always give things a good go and show resilience.

In my spare time I enjoy going on walks and exploring new places. It’s always a great feeling to get back from a long walk and feel a sense of accomplishment.


Mrs Haigh teaches 1 Birch.

I have been teaching at Frizinghall for many years. I live with my partner and have two grown up sons. I enjoy running and cycling.

 Year One Long Term Plan

Year 1 Long Term Plan

Year 1 Themes 

Will it Grow?

Famous Bradfordians

Are we nearly there yet?

What do we do in winter?


RSE Lesson Plan Jan 2024