Frizinghall Primary School

Frizinghall Primary School

Year 1 Autumn Term 1 Theme

Dear Parents/Carers

Our first theme of the year is called ‘Ourselves’. During this theme, we will be focusing on history, geography, science, art and DT.

In English, we will be looking at the story of Beegu and we will be writing reports about ourselves.

We will begin the theme with science work, looking at our bodies. We will be learning scientific skills such as; asking simple questions and we will be using our senses to identify and classify different tastes and smells.

In history, we will be looking at how we have changed over time.

Throughout the theme, we will be looking at different artists and drawing portraits of ourselves using different media.

In oracy lessons and dialogic talk sessions, we will be articulating and justify our answers, arguments and opinions, e.g. debating which is the most important sense.

In geography we will be investigating our local area and naming key features of where we live. We will be using simple fieldwork and observational skills to find out about the geography of Frizinghall.

In DT we will be designing and preparing healthy dishes. We will also be using different construction materials to design our homes. 


Helping at home:

As well as ensuring that your child completes their weekly homework, you could:

  • Read with your child regularly
  • Talk about your childhood and how things have changed. Grandparents could also take part in this conversation.
  • Register your child at the local library
  • Walk around your local area
  • Use Google maps to find your street.