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Frizinghall Primary School

Welcome to Reception

There are many grown-ups who help to support us in Reception. We all work together as one big team across two classes; Reception Cherry and Reception Sycamore.

Mrs Johnson – Reception Cherry Teacher and EYFS Leader.

"I have been at Frizinghall Primary School since September 2020. I love teaching because everyday is different and I enjoy helping children to achieve their full potential. Maths is my favourite lesson to teach! At home, I love to go on long walks with my children and do lots of baking."


Miss Bower - Reception Sycamore Teacher.

“I have been teaching at Frizinghall Primary School for many years! At my house, I live with my husband, two teenage children and two guinea pigs. The guinea pigs are called Piggle and Piper.

I like to ride my bike and I love to plant and grow things in my garden. My favourite thing to do is to snuggle up with a cup of tea and a good book.” 

Reception Long Term Plan
Reception Long Term Plan

 Reception Themes 

Off on an Adventure

See our plants grow!

Animals Big and Small

Adventure in Space

Let's All Celebrate!Once Upon a Time