Frizinghall Primary School

Frizinghall Primary School

SMSC and British Values

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development including British Values 

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of Children including the growing understanding of modern British Values is intertwined within our curriculum. SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship) is threaded throughout the school to support all children to thrive academically and personally. It ensures they are prepared for the next stage of their education and the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life in modern Britain.

Spiritual development

The curriculum is planned to build children’s capacity to imagine, reflect, create and enjoy the fascination of learning about themselves, others and the world around them. Learning to care about and respect for other peoples’ feelings, values, faith and belief is at the heart of our work and is planned into many areas of our curriculum especially English, RE, Geography, PSHCE, History and assemblies.


A whole school visit from writer Steven Butler                          KS1 had a friendly visit from some owls to inspire

How Exciting!                                                                             them with their writing



Moral Development

We take every opportunity we can to equip our children to be thoughtful, active, caring citizens in school and wider society. The way we thread SCARF throughout the school supports children to gain a deep understanding of right and wrong and the importance of values, morals and positive choices in life to keep themselves safe. Our curriculum continually offers opportunities to think and debate big questions in a considered way and show respect for other’s ideas and points of view.  

Year 5 raising money through a bake sale                                Children during induction week modelling our class for a school trip                                                                 behaviour signals



Social Development

We encourage children to work, collaborate and socialise with other children, for example the Schools Linking programme, clubs, the School Council, Safety Ambassadors, Buddies and Peer Readers. Our assemblies including visitors from a range of faiths and charities model friendship, caring and respect for individuality and diversity, building values and social understanding.

Children from Art club worked together to create               Children working together in Lion’s Den to create a    some decorations for our Christmas tree                            snowman




Cultural Development

Over time our curriculum builds an understanding and appreciation of culture, starting with themselves and others in school and extending beyond their own experience as preparation for the future. Books, stories, educational visits, visitors and lessons across the curriculum foster this fascination in learning to understand and respect diversity locally, nationally, globally.

Year 1 exploring Lister Park and seasonal changes


British Values:



Children at Frizinghall Primary School develop an early concept of democracy through the School Council, at which elected class members represent their peers. The School Council has impacted visibly on the Home-School Agreement, rewards and charitable work.

Our curriculum gives repeated opportunities for children to explore the concept of democracy, through theme work including, Ancient Greece and Vikings and the PHSE curriculum.  

Our children know their individual voice and opinions matter to us and that adults listen carefully to their ideas, thoughts and concerns.

Election Day 2018


Rule of Law

SCARF represents our values of Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship. School rules are clearly understood and are reinforced by SCARF, restorative practice and by a consistently applied whole school behaviour policy.

All children are involved in the development of classroom rules during Induction Week at the start of each year, when the rationale behind rules is explored, along with a discussion of consequences in the event of rules not being observed. This is reinforced in PSHE lessons.  Our children learn that SCARF is for everyone and we link this to the idea that the rule of law applies to everyone in a country. 

An appreciation of the rule of law in society is cultivated through visitors, e.g. community police workers, themed assemblies and curriculum work.

One of our Safety Ambassadors keeping children safe in the hall at lunchtime


Individual Liberty

SCARF and restorative practice reinforces the rights of all children to exist in a safe environment where they are free to learn.

PSHE teaching develops an understanding of children's rights and the increasing entitlement to self-determination in their lives, linked to an awareness of the responsibility to respect the rights of others.

The curriculum and assemblies inform children about key historical events, for example Remembrance Day Commemorations and World War Two, helping them develop an understanding of the importance of individual liberty and the sacrifices that have been made in its name. 

Children in Year 5 on a trip to a Secondary school to learn

new skills do some engineering. Maybe they will choose

to become a Scientist when they grow up!


Respect for Diversity

Celebrating diversity is at the core of our school, with children of all ages learning about the richness and diversity of the school, the community and the world; developing an increasing respect for difference and uniqueness.

The RE curriculum, whole school assemblies introduce children to the beliefs and celebrations of different faith groups, whilst our ‘Series of Determinations’ enables us to offer a range of faith groups the opportunity to meet for worship specific to each faith.

Linking Project and visits to places of worship extends experience of the rich diversity of the local community and wider Bradford.

Year 3 Linking Project – Nell Bank                                                        


Reception learning about Christmas and Skyping                                                                                               Santa