Frizinghall Primary School

Frizinghall Primary School

Nursery Autumn Term 1 Theme


Dear Parents/Carers


The first theme of the Autumn half term is ‘All About Me’.

To start the theme off, we have asked the children to bring in photographs of themselves and encouraged children to talk about their family and what they like to do.

This week we have visited the ‘Life Education Caravan’ where we met a giraffe called Harold. We helped him to keep clean and got him ready to go to Nursery. We talked about how to look after our bodies by eating healthy foods, keeping clean and getting a good night’s sleep.

The children will be comparing different heights by measuring each other. We will be identifying who is taller and who is shorter? The children will also be asked about their favourite foods and we will find out the most popular by making a pictogram.

We will be introducing rhymes/songs for the children to learn. These are ‘I’ve got Body’ and ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.’ We invite parents to come and join in with ‘Rhyme Time’ on Fridays at 11.45.

All children can relate to Birthdays and in Nursery we will be celebrating ‘Teddy’s’ Birthday. We will be planning a Birthday Party for Teddy, designing Birthday Cards and making some party food.


If you having any questions or would like to help, please call in to see us.