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Free School Meals




You may be aware that the government introduced 'The Pupil Premium Grant' in April 2011 and schools are allocated additional funding into their school budget. The premium provides funding specifically for children from lower income families who have registered. The purpose of the grant is to raise achievement and improve outcomes for children. In common with most schools, it is likely that a number of parents/carers whose children attend Frizinghall Primary School fail to claim Free School Meals (FSMs) which is part of the Pupil Premium Grant, even though they are entitled to them. As the school will receive additional funding based on the number of children who receive FSMs, we ask all parents and carers, if they believe that they may be entitled to claim for their children and do not already do so, to make a claim.

As I am sure you will agree the children at our school can only benefit if we are able to attract additional funding. Not only that, our catering team provides an excellent range of healthy lunch options that are enjoyed daily by a significant number of our pupils. Your child may well be able to access these free of charge.

Your child may be eligible for Free School Meals as part of the Pupil Premium Grant. Even if your child currently receives a free school meal because they are in year 1 or 2, it is still important to apply so that the school can claim additional funding to support your child.

For details of the requirements and how to apply for your child/children please see the Bradford Council's website at the following address: