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Frizinghall Primary School

Ethos and Values


Meeting the challenge –fulfilling the dream

‘Man can only achieve happiness by using all his abilities and capabilities’ (Aristotle)


Statement of Ethos and Values


When pupils leave Frizinghall Primary School they will have developed self-respect which will help to keep them safe. Their confidence and resilience along with knowledge and skills learned here will help them to face life’s challenges so that they experience the achievements which are waiting to happen. With a positive and healthy mind these firm foundations will form the basis of your child’s future.


 As a school we aim to:


1. Work with partners and parents to ensure that our pupils are receptive, have a positive mind state for learning and that all basic (physical, mental, emotional) needs are met.


A positive mind is a healthy mind.


2. Encourage self-discipline by creating a positive ethos where honesty, respect and tolerance are fundamental qualities, evident both in school and in the wider community.


Self-respect will keep you safe.


3. Continually challenge ourselves to ensure that all learners reach their full academic potential by providing opportunities for learning suitable for all within a meaningful and relevant curriculum.


Challenges are achievements waiting to happen.


4. Place pupils at the heart of decision making by inviting participation and developing responsibility regarding the formulation of school policies and practices as they relate to themselves and their position in the community. 


Contribute positively to our community.


5. Give priority to the pupils’ intrinsic self worth and potential for spiritual, moral, intellectual, creative and physical development in order to nurture, develop and shape aspirations.


Firm Foundations for the Future